A better working setup

A better working setup

I have prefered working on a laptop for a number of reasons the main one being the portability of the device. Having all my work, programs and settings ready to walk away at a moments notice are unbelievably convenient. Not to mention being able to work in the garden on a nice summers day.

There is a downside, however, the setup of a laptop means you are always looking down at the screen and this is not good for your posture and will, in the long run, lead to back and neck problems. This is why I have invested in a few products to fix the situation.

Using a laptop stand to raise my laptop to a better height for working with the screen placed directly in front of my eyes at a natural sitting height, an external keyboard and an external trackpad. These 3 purchases allow me to have more of a desktop-like working posture with the portability and convenience of being able to pick up my laptop and work anywhere.

Not only that but the straighter sitting position allows me to sit for longer without having to take a break and go for a good walk to stretch out my back. I find it also leads to clearer thinking and more productive work happening in a shorter period of time.

Some of this may be psychological but I feel I am able to type faster and read faster.

What's more, after a day of working like this you feel better in the evening and stay awake later into the night because you don't want o lay down in bed to relieve the pain in your lower back and neck.