Ghost and Grammarly

Ghost and Grammarly

Ghost and Grammarly, you would think a match made in heaven but Ghost blocks Grammarly from working on its edited. This makes the workflow a little difficult having to write in Ghost (because it is better) then copy to Grammarly for editing and copy back to Ghost for publishing. There must be a better way.

Well, there is. You can remove the code from the Ghost editor that blocks Grammarly from loading with some simple JavaScript

setTimeout(() => {
	const disabledGrammarlyElements = document.querySelectorAll('.__mobiledoc-editor');
	disabledGrammarlyElements.forEach(el => {
 }, 2000);

To take this a step further you can also apply this code automatically every time you open the Ghost editor with a Tamper Monkey script wrote by Kamran Ayub.

I have been using this script on Tamper Monkey for around 2 days now writing, editing and updating some of my older posts. There is one minor annoyance that I can overlook for now. That is when you read the end of your current line you start to type under the Grammarly buttons and you can't see what you have written until you read the start of the next line.

I use Safari as my main browser and the Tamper Monkey addon here costs £1.99 which is however worth the investment if you do a lot of writing on Ghost and plan to carry on with this writing, even if Ghost doesn't release an update themselves to stop blocking Grammarly by default.