Ghost for writing

Ghost for writing

When I first started writing my blog again I started on WordPress as that is what I knew best from my professional work. Then I started to think about the experience of writing on WordPress and let's be honest it is not the best. After some research, I decided Ghost is the best content platform if you want to write.

This is in large because the distraction-free editor giving you a blank page and a flashing cursor. Exactly what I want when I start to write. This is then carried on with the simplicity in the act of actually publishing, you don't have to worry about image sizes or optimising for page load this is all handled for you - just write, upload and you are done.

This simplicity is then taking a step further on Ghost with SEO tools built-in, social media tools built-in and newsletters built-in. Finally, a content management system built for one thing - writing.

I signed up for a free trial on Ghost(Pro) and fell in love with the writing experience so much I wrote 3 posts from my idea list and signed up all in the same day.

I had looked at Ghost before, way back when it was in beta and I found it limiting. Now at version 4, it has managed to keep the simplicity and focus on a great user interface while adding in all the tools a writer would want. I have mentioned a few here already but there are more, a lot more and I will be exploring these in more detail in future posts as I deploy each feature on this site.

Finding Ghost has given me a renewed drive to write and I can now say writing for my site is not a chore.