Hello world – Why I Started a Blog

Hello world – Why I Started a Blog

After reading the great book Show Your Work by Austin Kleon I have decided it is time I start writing a public blog again and putting myself out there, online, for anyone to read what I am doing.

I blogged before so know what this entails but I stopped about 5 years ago when family got in the way of my time to site and write good content. It is only after reading the book I realised I didn’t need to write banging pieces every time and writing on my personal blog should be about sharing ideas, techniques and stuff I am learning as I am learning it.

It was from reading the book I released you don’t have to be an expert to write about a topic. I see myself as more of a guide writing about my experiences on this site as they happen and hope to help people in similar situations as myself be guided by my solutions to problems.

This is a journey I am hoping will help people as the site develops and grows. Because this is a personal site and personal blog the content will be far reaching in topic matter as my interests change over time covering everything from website design, WordPress tools and productivity to dietary learnings and family – yes that is right I will cover everything and anything I find interesting at the time on this site.

It is probably not a site you will follow or subscribe to but it is something you will stumble across when searching for a specific problem.