iPhone 12 Pro Max: I am not going back

iPhone 12 Pro Max: I am not going back

I have been living with and using the new iPhone 12 Pro Max as my daily driver for 3 months now and I have to say the decision to go big was one of the best I have made in a long time.

For years I always looked at the max size iPhones as too big and imagined them being awkward to carry in your jeans pocket. While I was not wrong on that point I had overlooked the benefits of the bigger screen size.

The bigger screen makes several tasks on the phone more enjoyable and some things I have found myself doing I would have never dreamed of doing on my standard sized iPhone's before it.

Emailing and Long Conversations

Previous I would only triage emails on my phone marking emails as unread if they needed a reply beyond 2 words so I could write replies from my computer. With the max sized phone, I am now comfortably writing longer emails on my phone.

This also goes for long conversations. Before the max phone if a conversation lasted more than 3 messages I would get my laptop out for typing on.

Editing Websites and Writing

Possibly the most surprising thing I now do on my phone is basic website editing and writing long-form content. A few posts on this site started life as a not tapped out in Apple Notes on my phone and were alone transferred and checked for grammar on my computer before publishing.

The larger screen and keyboard make for a writing experience this is tolerable and allow you to write in those places you have 10 minutes spare but don't have a laptop.

When it comes to editing websites I have made a few small edits to client websites while riding the bus or sitting in the dog park. The extra screen real estate allows you to see what you are doing and make smaller edits with confidence.

Watching TV

This is probably something other people do on their phone a lot more than I do but I never used to watch TV on my non-max sized phones. I found the screen too small to enjoy the programme or movie and would always turn to my iPad or Macbook for enjoying any kind of video content. With the larger screen of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, I have watched whole TV shows in bed as the phone is easier to hold than an iPad with a screen size that is big enough to enjoy the content you are watching.


Aside from the already mentioned drawback of carrying the phone around in a pair of jeans, there is one other thing I have noticed. Now I have the max sized phone I am using my iPad a lot less.  There have been a few times I have picked up my iPad and discovered the battery is dead and I am unable to use it.

The other drawback is probably something specific to a few dog walkers. The size of the phone makes it hard to use in one hand, something you often have to do when walking a dog on the lead.

These are minor inconveniences, however, and in the big picture are far outweighed by the usefulness of the larger screen size. I would recommend the max phone to anyone sitting on the fence.