Take WP Block Editor to the Next Level

Take WP Block Editor to the Next Level

With my new blog I have been trying to stick to WordPress as it comes out of the box and that includes using the new WP Block Editor (formerly Gutenberg). While the block editor is proving to be a marked improvement over its first release it is still missing a number of elements that would allow it to be the page builder replacement I need it to be.

GenerateBlocks from the guys that make GeneratePress have come to the rescue here with a lightweight plug that brings 4 of the key elements Guetenberg has needed since day one.

  • Container
  • Grid
  • Headline
  • Buttons

In addition to these 4 blocks they also include options for typography, spacing, colours, backgrounds and more. These may not sound like a lot but trust me, give a try and you will see. At first I never saw the benefit either but after trying them out and recreating some clients landing page designs it clicked and I saw the power of 4 simple elements WordPress has been missing.

WordPress Block Editor

When you think about it all websites are made of containers and columns and within these columns sites text and images which the WP block editor already has and these same elements fit within GenerateBlocks grid elements.

The plugin is tiny weighing in at less than 350KB and it uses dynamic loading so only the code required for the elements you have used is loaded on the page. This results in you being able to maintain a perfect 100 out of 100 on Lighthouse Page Speed scores.

While the basic plugin is free they do offer a pro version with a large asset library allowing anyone to quickly load pre-built components on your site and change the content if you don't feel like making everything from scratch every time.