Ulysses for writing

Ulysses for writing

When it comes to a writing app I have been known to be picky, and I have tried many apps over the years. There is one I keep coming back to — Ulysses.

The app has a beautiful writing experience with minimal distractions, powerful features for writing long-form content and some good publishing tools. So, why do I like this app so much?

Well, it comes down to writing, when I write I need a clean page without many buttons and fuss and Ulysses gives me exactly this. It also uses a few concepts for document management that really work for me and allow me to put together some really long pieces of content in sections, so I don’t have to see all 5,000 words at a time when writing, but I can quickly put all this together during publishing.

Other advantages of the app include the publishing style options with a large selection of themes available and these are easy to customise to a specific brand. I have export templates set up to generate PDFs for business documents under both my companies, a proposal format and even a format for exporting PDF content for client content drafts. Finally, I can export to Microsoft Word if I need to hand off a document for someone else to make edits on and finish.

One of the things that you don’t appreciate at first is the iCloud syncing of your content. At first thought, you would wonder why this is something you would want. You're not going to write your next masterpiece on an iPhone it’s just not possible, and you would be right. But the power of iCloud syncing for all your written content allows you to start a first draft or outline as soon as the idea strikes. More recently I have also found myself proofreading on my iPhone while waiting for coffee and even fleshing out ideas with a bit of meat while riding the bus.

Ulysses also packs grammar and advanced spell checking features with its subscription service, however, this currently only works in American English. While this doesn’t catch spelling errors for me, it does still pick up on a lot of my grammar errors as well as some helpful pointers around passive voice and long sentences.

Overall Ulysses helps me write more and helps me write better — for me that makes it worth the £49 per year.