WordPress Mobile App: The reason to use the block editor

WordPress Mobile App: The reason to use the block editor

On this blog I started using WordPress as it comes rather than installing a heavy page builder like I do for clients sites in the day job. This has given me a new insight into the WordPress mobile app which I have always ignored for the large part as it doesn’t play nicely with page builders.

That is until now. The WordPress mobile app is actually a great mobile writing app with some really nice formatting controls including support for the block editor. Being able to write posts on my phone effectively will allow me to write more on the site and not tie me to a laptop day and night.

WordPress Mobile App

There are some funky display issues on mobile and don’t get me wrong the app is far from perfect but it gets the job done. It is by no way the best and SquareSpace is a lot better here.

It is still a huge bonus having access to these builder blocks on mobile not only for creating new posts but also edited existing notes. The first draft of this post was written on my mobile while sitting in the park with the dog and I also took the time to edit the contact page and about me section on the home page - all from my mobile, in the park.

There are a few other functions of the app if you have connected Jet Pack to your site, however I haven't as I don't see the need for a lot of its functions. That and the idea of this site is to keep the website management as light as possible so I can spend my personal time writing and not looking after another site.

The WordPress app for mobile is a generally a good experience but will not replace the need for a laptop when working on sites. As mentioned this post was drafted on iPhone but I there were a number of things I couldn't do to finish the post and had to resort to getting the laptop out to finish off.

There are still a number of benefits of page builders that I will get into in time and these are beyond the scope of this post but the long and shirt is for a client site I will continue to use page builders for their ease of use and built in advance functions.