WordPress vs Ghost

WordPress vs Ghost

Firstly a disclaimer: I have being using WordPress professionally for over 10 years and in that time I have built hundreds of sites for clients and a few for myself. My day job as a web designer involves spending hours every day working with WP in different ways.

That said I have looked at other platforms when it comes to running my personal blog. Out of SquareSpace, Ghost, RapidWeaver and Blocs the only one that tempted me was Ghost.

Ghost is a beautiful content management system and its use of Markdown makes a fantastic writing experience that keeps your fingers on the keyboard and something WP needs to seriously look at. While WordPress has made some great strides in its writing experience with Gutenberg allowing for some complicated layouts and columns within its block based editor it is still not on par when compared as a writing experience.

In the end I decided on WordPress for 2 reasons:

  1. It can do more than blog
  2. It can handle more than text and images

I know WordPress can be overwhelming to a new user, I have the pleasure of showing people WP for the first time in my day job, but the fact is WordPress is really simple to use and has a huge community of people that are more than happy to help if you get stuck.

The negatives people throw at WP about being slow and not ranking well in Google searches are simply not true. When optimised well and paired with a good server WP screams - Proof is on this very site. With only 2 hours work I was able to score 100 on Google's Page Speed Insights for both desktop and mobile. While this is a technical achievement and not something most people can handle on their own without some development and website hosting experience it is something that can be achieved with relative ease under the right guidance.

Finally WordPress runs on PHP and MySQL, these technologies are widely available and your site can be hosted almost anywhere. Meanwhile Ghost runs on Node.js while a great development platform it is harder to find Node.js hosting leaving you with the options of paying Ghost to host your site for you or running your own server.